Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who Did The Better Flip? Dilla VS Madlib

Alright, the original sample is from LV Johnson's 1981 album "We Belong Together".  The name of the song is the classic "I Don't Really Care".  Here it is.

Uhhh...  My bad.  I got distracted by that album cover.  Lawdy.  Anyway, the late great Dilla and superproducer Madlib got their clutches on this track years ago and flipped it.  You be the judge.  Who did the better flip?

Dilla's Flip:  Airworks

Madlib's Flip: Strong Arm Steady feat. Planet Asia - Chitlins & Pepsi

THE WINNER:  Don't get me wrong.  I'm gonna be a fan of Dilla til the day I die, but Madlib got this one.  Airworks is dope, but it was more of a showcase of Dilla's dopeness.  The way Madlib flipped it, he made so that anyone can just jump on it and spit.  I mean, you can definitely flow on Airworks, but it just sounds better if somebody rhymed over Chitlins & Pepsi.  And that's especially what them boys up there did with that track.  Plus, it was just so smooth how Madlib pieced it together.  Gotta give this to Madlib.

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