Sunday, June 10, 2012


By the way...  I forgot to put this up.  My fault.  MA Doom (MF Doom and Masta Ace) got the Son of Yvonne joint dropping next month.  I heard some of the snippets and it was cool.  Truthfully, I was kinda disappointed that it had most of Doom's beats that I already heard before, but it was still hard.  And the album sounds like it's got that classic Ace touch with the interludes and skits.  I like that.  Even though it has some recycled Doom beats, with Masta Ace over it, it's a perfect match.  Cop it July 17th.

A little extra.  Some classic Ace from his INC daze.  Peep the hard dash deck.

And a hard track he did with Marco Polo a few years back.

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